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After the tedious process of designing your game’s packaging, now comes the shipment. Embellishments can add value and enhance your packaging. You should choose print finishes that complement the overall design of the game box packaging and boost its aesthetic and haptic appeal. Cardboard, plastic, or foam inserts can be used to create a partition and to avoid items from moving inside the game box. By placing inserts, people can also sort out game pieces before storing them.

We buy most designer games such as Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Blood Rage and much more. We’ll also buy mass market games such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Snakes and Ladders etc. as part of a purchase, but not if they are the only games you are selling. Simply send us a list of the games you’re interested in selling, along with any relevant notes such as conditions, extras and the like. We’ll get back to you generally within 2 business days with a quote for both cash and store credit.

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It is recommended to use shrink wrap or plastic bags to package your game box from potential damage. Cushions can also be added between the game boxes for extra security. This will ensure that paint materials on the packaging doesn’t stick to the surface of other game boxes. The games should be surrounded by compressible RPG Games and lightweight materials, such as bubble wrap, to protect them.

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Unfortunately we do deduct from the payment if damage in transit is above an expected minimum level. 2) Avoid using oversized boxes, e.g. a box that is too large or too heavy to carry. A good rule of thumb is if you would have a hard time carrying the box up the stairs, use something smaller. If due to our own backlog we haven’t scanned in the games, we’ll issue payment generally within 7 days of receipt even if we haven’t had the chance to review them. Once the games are received and scanned in, we’ll issue payment to your account if store credit, or via paypal if cash.

Links to the game can be helpful if there’s room for doubt, e.g. multiple games with similar or exact names, or differences in editions. If that information isn’t provided we’ll generally ask for those clarifications before quoting. On larger purchases we’ll cover shipping costs via a prepaid Fedex label. We’ll need to know your address, and the weight and dimensions of the package to do so. Our current want list can be found here, while you are welcome to send us a list of games without cross checking, please be aware that games not on our want list we often offer much less for.

  • A little bit of engine building combined with some easy-to-learn game play has made Port Royal a bit hit on my gaming table.
  • Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot has some fantastic components, including custom dice, die cut upgrade tokens, and thematic artwork.
  • During the game, players will be using their merchant to deliver goods around the board, their pirate to attack other player’s merchants, and the royal navy ships to attack other player’s pirates.
  • Published by the always impressive guys at Space Cowboys, Black Fleet give each player control over a pirate ship, a merchant ship, and shared control over the royal navy.

Bychoosing premium rigid packaging, you’re sure that the cards are not only well-protected, but the packaging is also visually appealing. Just make sure the shipping address is complete and current.

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Inserts also ensure game items are protected and won’t bump with each other. Some game manufacturers opt to have plain inside boxes for added protection and to provide a better unboxing experience. You have to carefully plan the depth of the game box and avoid making it too thin or too tall. If the depth isn’t properly planned, stacking the game will be challenging for retailers, and the game box might fall off the shelves repeatedly. Also, don’t forget to add the required legal information and symbols at the back of the box. You can consult legal professionals if you’re not sure what to include in the game packaging.