Stocking Fetish – Sex Tales

Stocking Fetish – Sex Tales

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Date: 1/2/2016, groups: Fetish, Taboo, Author: 5993, Rating: 100, supply: xHamster

Stocking Fetish

This extends back towards the time that is first discovered I experienced a love for nylons. That is true as most readily useful I am able to remember. The start of my love for nylon stockings and pantyhose. I recall whenever I ended up being a young, While siting within my mothers foot watching they felt so smooth and silky tv I was playing with her feet. It had been a summer that is warm mother was reading I happened to be within my underneath shorts she must-have liked the things I had been doing to her foot and not asked us to cease. I became actually beginning to feel one thing strange during my human anatomy, like a tingling in my own groin. Then your phone rang and she stated her friend Ella ended up being coming over, we liked ella she had been good in my experience, she had no c***dren for just what ever reason. Her and mom were siting at the kitchen table talking over coffee, they were both waring house dresses when she came over and. We liked to stay underneath the dining table and play. We discovered the were both without footwear even as we seldom would ware footwear inside your home. I became siting with mothers foot between my feet as well as for no matter what reason I happened to be rubbing against her silky feet, now I happened to be experiencing one thing fantastic. And so I took my cock away from my shorts and ended up being rubbing on her stocking foot. I suppose whenever she recognized something had been going down she smiled when she saw what I was doing on she looked. She told ella to appear as soon as she did she said we see you might be similar to my hubby. He does that all the full time. Chances are they simply proceeded chatting. From that time on used to do this if ever I experienced the opportunity. I then found out where mother kept her old stockings,. Even today we don’t understand why a woman wold keep old torn or laddered stockings, i obtained actually on my dick, a truly fantastic feeling not as good as rubbing it on mothers foot but all the same it felt good into it now and would take a stocking and rub it. I might place one out of my jeans while house or apartment with mom. She said it absolutely was okay whenever we were alone yet not in public places or if the f****y ended up being house, I became therefore delighted. About a week later on some body within the f****y not survived of city. Mother delivered my s****rs to my aunt and I also went up stairs to Ella’s home, this woman adored me personally she ended up being such as for instance a mom if you ask me. We had fun playing and tv that is watching she and all sorts of the women at that moment would ware complete fashion stockings we adored to the touch them. I became siting at ella”s foot rubbing them and laying on to the floor resting my face in it. I made the decision to taste them and so I stuck my tong away and tried to lick the reinf***ement over her feet, they smelled therefore nice and tasted better still. She asked me personally if I that way and I also said used to do, She then explained her husband liked her stockings additionally and liked to achieve that. She then explained that if i could keep a secrete she will make me feel genuine good and I asked just how. She told me personally to set down at her legs and asked that she would let me lick the seam under her stocking, I called it the line if I would remove my pants. Thus I did and adored licking her seam down and up her foot. Then she was taken by her other base and started initially to rub my cock along with it. This was the time that is first got an erection, small but the same.