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I began to create more thoughts in my head trying to figure the message boxes out, but to no avail. I made a jump, but I found that I was stuck in the area, there was an invisible wall, and I had thought I hit a dead end.

super mario rom

When I landed I tried moving right again to see if there was any way to go on. All of a sudden I heard the pipe sound, and I was making the pipe animation, except, there was no pipe present, so it looked quite odd.

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Now, I thought things were starting to get the vibe that the author was a twisted and warped individual, and that I was right about Mario having done something. I quickly disregarded it and headed off further to the right hoping to free myself of the hell that was once level 105.

I was wrong, the auto scroll pushed me over the ledge, and I was still walking, unfortunately. The whole level was nothing but a long stretch of invisible land to another small piece of land just big enough for a boss door to fit. The auto scroll came to a stop, and I prepared for the worst. I gathered my composure, swallowed some of the spit in my mouth, and took a deep breath.

Wondering what exactly Mario had done, why he was here, and why everything seemed to hate everything about him and wanted him gone forever. I was feeling more depressed than scared at this point to be honest, and I had no idea what to expect next. I proceeded down the long hallway, checking message boxes filled with nothing but the same 2 messages over and over. It’s like they were telling me to stop playing, or something. This made me hesitant to hit it, but I ended up doing so anyways.

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Nothing but a normal Iggy boss; I felt cheated in a way, though. I defeated Iggy with 2 jumps effortlessly, which was actually the quickest I’d ever beaten him before. After he fell in the lava, the course clear message popped up as usual. It ended and I was brought to the rescue egg scene, though instead of the usual message, I was shown something disturbing and vastly different, like a profile for the scene of a crime. Another cryptic message, though at this point I wasn’t surprised, not in the slightest.

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Since there was nothing left for me to look at, I tried to go right again. It acted like a pipe, and I did a pipe animation that looked like I was going into the darkness. I found it quite strange that both message boxes were contradicting each other. One was telling me that there was no way out of this accursed hell, and the other was telling me that, if I could fly away, I could be free, though I saw no feather or enemies to grab one with. Was this telling me that I could either rise up and go to heaven, or stay in hell forever, wallowing in despair?