Without a doubt about SSI & personal credit card debt

Without a doubt about SSI & personal credit card debt

We presently get SSI (I’m a grownup and I also are now living in VA) and am having troubles making my charge card payment each now because of the interest month. We have seen on other web internet internet sites that it is okay if a family group people takes care of the card that it will not affect your SSI for you if they directly pay the bank and not give the money to you. Was wondering if there is any truth for this? I would personally rather perhaps maybe perhaps not register bankruptcy and spoil my credit. Many Thanks!

Hi here, I’m sorry to listen to that! Some kinds of help that one can get from family unit members count as “in-kind maintenance and support”(ISM). I am perhaps maybe not completely certain that a member of the family spending a credit vehicle bill matters as ISM, you might speak to your neighborhood SSA workplace regarding this, they could better explain if this kind of help could be considered ISM.

We had simply read previous today that when a relative will pay your credit debt than that really matters being an earnings for you and might be deducted from your own SSI

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Hi Veronica, which may be the scenario, it might be an idea that is good contact the SSA regarding this should this be one thing you and a member of the family are intending.

My adult daughter receives SSI for her impairment. I will be her Payee. She received a vintage relationship from her grandmother for more than 12, 000. I’m told that she must spend that money down to maintain her eligibility.

She’s got a couple of old medical bills that she can spend, and my booklet claims she will purchase home furnishings, devices, clothes, etc.

Can she reimburse me personally for travel cost of transporting her to her medical practioners ( these are typically 140 kilometers trip that is round she’s got serious epilepsy and cannot drive herself). ?

Can she reimburse me personally of other costs like spending money on her dogs knee surgery final thirty days? Or using her to Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic 36 months ago?

Is there limits on what much she can devote to clothes, furniture, etc.?

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Hi Jill, Payee reimbursements are a cost, nevertheless they are limited to things that are particular certain kinds of payees. You might wish to contact the SSA regarding this.

I’m disabled by both Federal and State and getting SSI, meals stamps, medicaid medical health insurance. I’ve 3 outstanding cc balances of about 3k each. I simply havent been having to pay because I couldnt anymore. cc business is using us to court, what you should do? No asssets are had by me or resources.

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Hi Gigi, i am not really yes, as creditor legislation vary by state and would impact your situation.

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I have met by having an advocate attorney (cost-free if you ask me) to simply help me personally with my personal credit card debt. The attorney explained that I do not have almost anything to bother about because i am judgment proof. SSI can’t be garnished, along with having said that, creditors won’t be able to obtain any court in the us to garnish your SSI. The credit card issuers may attempt to sue you, however they defintely won’t be in a position to touch your SSI. The lawyer informed me that i ought to wait for credit card issuers to sue me personally then seek bankruptcy relief. Find your nearest state appropriate help advocate!

We are now living in brand brand New Hampshire if it really helps to offer response to my past concern?

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Hi Gigi, we are maybe not professionals in creditor legislation, and so I’m unsure the advice i really could supply in this situation will be specially of good use.

I’ve a concern can my buddy spend the pay back money to their credit debt on their direct express card?

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He might manage to, but make certain he checks in because of the SSA first.

Have always been we permitted to make personal credit card debt re payments with SSI? i will be considering obtaining a GAP card to get clothing (we cannot otherwise afford garments), I quickly would have to spend the balance off month-to-month. I wish to understand it to make minimum monthly payments on credit card debt if I must use my SSI strictly for rent, utilities, and food, or if I’m legally allowed to use a portion of. Many thanks. We reside in Georgia, if that info is necessary.

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It can be used by you for clothes. Nonetheless, as you’re getting a shop charge card, i might suggest checking in because of the SSA before doing that. Better safe than sorry.

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We have a few charge cards, and We spend my credit card debt with my SSI. I’ve never gotten into any difficulty for that. But, used to do ask Social protection about using bank cards, additionally the social protection rep explained it is okay to possess and make use of charge cards so long as the charge cards create debt that you online payday loans Oxfordshire must and want to pay off, and it’s really definitely okay to help make monthly bank card re payments with SSI. You may also get financing, a payday loan, and on occasion even a cash advance being on SSI; once more, it offers to produce a financial obligation that you must and want to pay off in to the creditor(s). Consequently, you are able to go right ahead and spend your credit cards along with your SSI with no concern yourself with it inside your SSI. You need to be careful never to wind up deep in credit debt in which you become not having sufficient $ to really make the minimal payments.